How to Find Your Ideal Wedding DJ

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What to Look for in a Wedding DJ

Your event is a unique expression of you. Your music selections and celebration style are sure to be just as unique. Music can make or break a party, and weddings are no exception.

1. Style

Finding the best DJ for your event begins by finding the person who best matches your personal style and vision for the event. Picking the right sound and mix of entertainment for your event will not only help set the tone but also ensure that your guests have a night to remember. When you contact your DJ, be thinking about what type of music you like and what kind of experience you want your guests to have. 

2. Professionalism

Two additional aspects that are important to keep in mind are professionalism and passion. Find someone who loves their work and that passion is sure to show through to the dance floor. It is also crucial to hire a DJ that is personable, reliable, punctual, has excellent communication skills, and a system to handle potential emergencies. 

3. Experience

Another crucial element is experience. Years of wedding experience will equip your DJ with the ability to seamlessly direct the party throughout the evening with customized music and non-cheesy MC skills. It will also allow them to efficiently and gracefully address sudden weather emergencies and last minute changes in plans. In addition to the years, finding a DJ who has experience as a sound engineer, lighting designer, musician, or even in standup will add greatly to their service and your experience.

4. Equipment

Last but certainly not least is the quality, quantity, and variety of equipment. Whether you are expecting 50 or 500 guests, have 1 or 10 locations on the big day, or if there is power available at each location - there is equipment available to meet your needs. If you are a very visual person, you may also want to ask about custom designs for the DJ booth, dance floor, lighting, and more. With the right equipment and customization, your day can look as good as it sounds. 


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